3 Pom Pom Decorations - Pretty Pink, Blush & Cream


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Our lovely pack of pretty pink, blush and cream paper pom poms are perfect for any wedding ceremony or reception. They look perfect in all settings - whether in a beautiful hotel or a rustic barn! We've been told these pom poms are "the prettiest" our customers have ever seen! These pom poms are beautiful decorations and are sure to make your special day truly beautiful! This pack of sophisticated and vintage colour pom poms can be turned into lovely hanging decorations for the bride to walk through down the aisle! These pom poms look fabulous grouped into threes. They'd look wonderful tied along ribbon or string in the marquee or along the drive way to the venue! You could even tie a few of these lovely pom poms to the back of the car as the happy couple are jetting off on their honeymoon! These are ideal hanging at a prom or summer ball and make perfect decorations at a little girls baby shower or birthday party. These are quick and easy to set up for yourselves and are just the thing to enjoy with a slice of cake at a pretty afternoon tea!