Accesories - 12 Metal Whistles


These 12 metal whistles are ideal for summer sports days! Sports days can be hectic and it can be difficult to keep control of so many excited children and keep things on time with all of the commotion! These whistles are great - they come in 12s so there's enough to manage multiple events going on at once, whether they be egg and spoon races, relay races or tug of war! You could even hand a few whistles out as prizes for all the winners!

Teachers can use them for PE lessons all year round, not just sports day meaning you get good use out of them! Of course, these whistles are great for out-of-school based sports activities too!

Recreate the World Cup in your own local football teams and arm your coaches and referees with these metal whistles!

If you're a life guard, consider equipping yourself with these whistles to help keep everyone safe at the pool!

Use these whistles as part of your costume ideas for themed parties or plays/musicals! Why not dress up as Miss Trunchbull from Matilda? Or as Captain von Trapp from the Sound of Music?

These whistles also make a fun addition to hen and stag nights! String them with your own colourful ribbon (rainbow ribbon or bold colours work great) to fully integrate them with your theme! As there are 12 whistles, each member of the party can have one!

Girls and boys alike will have fun on a night out on the town with these whistles during their girls/lads holidays! Holiday destinations such as Ibiza or Magaluf are buzzing with activity and these fun whistles (threaded with your own bright ribbon) can help bring you into the party zone!

Why not recreate 80s/90s raves at disco clubs with all of your friends with these 12 fun metal whistles? They're perfect for loads of occasions and by simply changing whatever ribbon you use to thread them, you can mold them into a completely new use - they'd even work great in children's party bags! Definitely worth a buy!