Alexia Blonde Styleable and Heat resistant Fever Wig


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This wig is unlike your average fancy dress wig. Fever Wigs are ‘as styleable and as individual as you are.’ Wear it once, wear it twice this wig can be restyled as many times as you like with the same products you would use everyday. Want it straight, curly or wavy? This wig is heat resistant up to 120°C/248°F! This means you can straighten or curl to your hearts content with straighteners, curlers and hairdryers. This wig will not burn or melt it is heated styling tool compatible. Hand washable this makes for an easy reusable and restyleable wig.

Ideal for a whole range of different occasions. Straighten or curl for groovy ABBA look. Or go curly with classic pin up Marlin Monrow, cowgirl or a Pop Star like Lady Gaga. Even back comb for a disco 80’s diva or cavewoman fancy dress. Just add headband or match with bow for the perfect Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty costume.

The styles and occasions are endless. Wear out to a Hen Party, girl’s night out and clubbing. Great for Halloween and Christmas dress up.