Baby Shower Favors - Baby Rattles - BLUE (Packs of 24)


These cute baby rattles in blue make great additions to baby showers! Whether you're having a boy, a girl or you're not sure yet, we've got you covered! These packs of baby rattles are plastic in a blue colour and are great for decoration, scrapbooking or cake baking and party games! How to play Find the Baby Rattles Shower Game: Empty the contents of baby rattles into a big bowl of uncooked rice or pasta. Blind-fold the player and take turns to find as many baby rattles as possible in the grand total of 1 minute. Whoever collects the most rattles wins a prize! Alternatively these cute baby rattles can be used during a sit down dinner or alongside buffets and snacks as table confetti. Scatter a handful for decoration. Tie on string to decorate a room. Great as goody bag fillers! Let your guests take home as gifts, favours or keepsakes. Great for card making, scrapbooking or pop a few on some freshly iced cupcakes for decoration! Also comes in completely pink and mixed blue & pink! Each rattle approx 3cm in length - 24 rattles in a packet.