Champagne Supershape


This great ‘Champagne’ supershape balloon is perfect for all kinds of celebrations! Whether you’re hosting a new year’s party, wedding, anniversary or special milestone birthday this balloon is great for you. This super Champagneballoon is green and bottle shaped with gold top and ‘celebrate’ written on the side! This balloon is double sided with the same decoration on each face. This balloon is ideal for birthday parties, especially milestone birthdays like 40th 50th, 60th, New Years parties, anniversaries, Great Gatsby parties, 1920’sCharleston parties, balls  and dances, cooperative events and other special occasions and as a special gift!


Why not turn this super balloon into a magnificent cluster? All it takes is one simple phonecall and we can arrange all kinds of stunning balloon arrangements for your events and special days! For a special birthday gift why not turn this single balloon into a cluster using the gold or silver star shapes? We can add plain foil and latex balloons of a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to make a stunning cluster. Plain foil balloons can be personalised with a name, party event or date.


For helium filling, you can arrange a collection from our party barn by calling us on 01223 207577 or 01763 244288. Or you can email us at