Games - Baby Shower Bingo & Pin the Dummy on the Baby!


Get the guests round and celebrate with these cute Baby Shower Games!

This pack includes fantastically fun 'Baby Shower Bingo'! Exactly like bingo but with twice the fun. Each player is given a Baby Shower card whilst the Mum to Be shuffles the picture cards and places them faced down on a table. She must then select a card at random and call loudly out the name! The first player to get 4 in a line wins! This is sure to create much hilarity and great fun all night long. Game includes 16x Picture Cards, 8x Bingo Playing Cards & 2x Sheets of  Markers.

The equally fun to play 'Pin the Dummy on the Baby' game is also included in this pack. This game is just like 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey' but with less donkey and more cute babies. Place the eye mask on the Mum to Be and watch as the laughs commence whilst each player tries their best to place the dummy on the baby. Game includes: Baby Eye Mask, 12x Dummies to write your name on & Giant Baby Poster. Up to 12 players can play at once.