24x Rainbow Star Cake Candles


These cake candles are great for all kind of occasions. Perfectly bright colours and fun decoration great for a whole range of party events. Whether you are celebrating a special birthday, teen parties and children parties like sweet 16th 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th & 50th or more!  These candles are bright rainbow colours and include shades of Orange, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow & Purple. Vibrant with white sparkly stars they are ideal for both boys and girls and are great for all ages. They all come with their own candle holders to make it easy to decorate your cake! Ideal for children’s parties, rainbow themed parties, Hawaiian themed parties and neon discos and raves or neon hen party and gay pride events. These are ideal for adding some fun colours to any sweet treats! Great for cupcakes, birthday cakes and all kinds of desserts and puddings! Perfect to surprise your loved one on their special day! These candles are a great standby for all your events.