70's Moustache - Black


This self adhesive moustache is a must with any groovy 60’s/70’s or 80’s costume. Wear alongside an oversized shirt and flares for that classic 1970’s costume. Wear it with aviator glasses if you are going as The Village People’s YMCA gang! Or add it circular glasses and headband and not forgetting that all important tie-dye t-shirt. Flower power! For the ultimate 1980’s look pair up with afro wig and brightly coloured shell suit. Great for Rock ‘n’ Roll costumes. Great also great for Mr T costumes, Freddie Mercury and find 3 friends to go with you as The Beatles Sergeant Peppers Album. Tash-tastic!

Great for Movie themed parties, decade parties or famous people and characters parties. Simply peel, stick and go! And remember if you can’t grow a moustache this Movember – buy one!