Baby Shower Kit - Yellow - Everything you Will Need for the Perfect Baby Shower


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This kit has every thing you will need to set up the perfect baby shower! Whether you are surprising that special someone who’s expecting or you’re setting up and waiting for your guests to arrive this kit includes everything you might need! Whether you're having a boy, a girl or you're not sure yet, we've got you covered! The kit includes items of a pretty shade of pale blue, pale pink or lemon yellow. So no matter the gender of the baby, this will look wonderful during your baby shower.

This pack includes 1x Mum to Be Sash, - This elegant satin sash is beautifully embroidered with 'mum to be' written in the centre with teddy bear and building block decoration. One size fits most. The sash measures 33" (85cm) long and is approx 4" wide (9.5cm) and is sewn together at both ends so it is easy to slip on over your shoulder and wear all day long. 

 1x Mum to Be Rosette - This classic rosette design with all the frills and ribbon is wonderfully glitzy with ‘Mum to Be’ written in diamantes for added sparkle!

3x Baby Shower Games:

1x Baby Shower Bingo - Exactly like bingo but with twice the fun. Each player is given a Baby Shower card whilst the Mum to Be shuffles the picture cards and places them faced down on a table. She must then select a card at random and call loudly out the name! The first player to get 4 in a line wins! This is sure to create much hilarity and great fun all night long. Game includes 16x Picture Cards, 8x Bingo Playing Cards & 2x Sheets of  Markers.

1x Pin the Dummy on the Baby - This game is just like 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey' but with less donkey and more cute babies. Place the eye mask on the Mum to Be and watch as the laughs commence whilst each player tries their best to place the dummy on the baby. Game includes: Baby Eye Mask, 12x Dummies to write your name on & Giant Baby Poster. Up to 12 players can play at once. 

 1x Find the Baby Rattles - These packs of baby rattles are plastic in a blue colour and are great for decoration, scrapbooking or cake baking and party games! How to play Find the Baby Rattles Shower Game: Empty the contents of baby rattles into a big bowl of uncooked rice or pasta. Blind-fold the player and take turns to find as many baby rattles as possible in the grand total of 1 minute. Whoever collects the most rattles wins a prize! Alternatively these cute baby rattles can be used during a sit down dinner or alongside buffets and snacks as table confetti. Scatter a handful for decoration. Tie on string to decorate a room. Great as goody bag fillers! Let your guests take home as gifts, favours or keepsakes. Great for card making, scrapbooking or pop a few on some freshly iced cupcakes for decoration! Also comes in completely pink and mixed blue & pink! Each rattle approx 3cm in length - 24 rattles in a packet.

This pack also includes 1x FREE Large Novelty Nappy Pin!