Dancing Witch Broom Halloween Decoration


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This witches broom is no ordinary witches broom! This broom is a dancing broom that is activated by sound or movement! The perfect prop for your Halloween celebrations this year! Simply walk past or make a sound next near and the broom will spring into life and dance before your eyes! Battery operated this broom is quick and easy to set up for your Halloween party. Hide it in an unsuspecting place to spook your guests or display it for all to see, this broom makes the perfect prop outside your house or on your front door step to frighten those coming trick-or-treating! This broom measures 53" (134.5cm). This is the perfect prop decoration for Haunted House parties or Ghost House parties! Fantastically frightening decoration for Costume or Fancy Dress parties & Children's Halloween parties. This dancing witches broom can be stored in its box and is ideal to use over and over again every Halloween! This broom also goes great with our crawling zombie decorations. The fabulous dancing broom is also fabulous for Harry Potter events! The brooms would look great among other magical and wizard themed items. 3x AA batteries required (batteries not included).