Unfilled Giant Minnie Mouse Air Walker Balloon 54"


This Minnie Mouse air walker is the perfect surprise for your child! This balloon is a great surprise for your little ones to wake up to! At over four feet tall, Minnie is a great compainion for your child to play with. Minnie is ideal for birthdays and for decorating parties. They're also great fun for other special occasions too. Of course, not only children love Disney, so this Minnie Mouse walker could be a wonderful suprise for someone of any age. The Minnie air walker foil balloon is self sealing, and comes weighted at the feet. This enables him to wander along in gentle breeze. 

These balloons come flat. If you would like your balloon helium inflated, please call us on 01223 207577 or 01763 244288 to arrange a time for collection. When inflated with helium, these balloons cost £35 and come with an additional balloon weight and ribbon.