Gold 'Prom' 16" Foil Mini Letters Garlands


This gold 'Prom' foil letter balloon garland is ideal for all your prom, dance, or summer ball celebrations! This pack has everything you will need to make your own cute 'prom' garland! These beautiful foil letter balloons are packaged flat, just the thing to air fill yourselves with the straws provided. Please note these balloons are unsuitable for helium filling as they are too small (16")! With a length of clear nylon thread these are quick and easy to string together and hang for stunning and stand out decorations! Place under an arch or in a photobooth ready for those all important photographs. 

These are great above the buffet table at your venue. With colours of metallic gold that catch the light this garland would look fantastic over the dance floor and disco! You could even tie this garland of balloons to the back of the car, bus or limo on your way to the prom! These look great in all settings and are perfect for inside and outdoor celebrations! Hang inside village halls, school halls and gyms or alternatively these look wonderful strung in-between tree branches or along a fence posts during a summery prom!

Having an afterparty this garland is perfect over your front door to greet your guest as they arrive. Alternatively these balloons make great gifts for your son or daughter on their special prom day! Take those all important pre-prom photographs with the family and show of that beautiful prom dress or sharp suit next to these balloons!