Party Cannon!


Set your New Year’s off with a bang this year with these fantastic party cannon. Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use! Carefully pull off the protective plastic film and cap before use. Do not aim directly at other people. Place in a safe place out with suffient air clearance of 2.5m away from pets and children (like middle of room) following the arrows, twist the rotate the base anti-clockwise and be amazed! This cannon produces a explosion of tissue paper that fires into the air! Bright colour tissue shoots upwards into the air with beautiful effects and a loud pop when exploded for the ultimate impressively beautiful effect!

Great for New Years  fire it into the air as the countdown commences! Perhaps you could have a digital Zoom Christmas and have fun with your family and friends remotely! Ideal for placing in birthday parties, especially if you’re turning 18, 21 or 50! Just the thing for Burns Night, Fireworks parties, retirement parties, hen nights and many more celebrations!

Bright tissue paper in an assortment of colours are ideal for parties for all kinds, ages and will suit both boys and girls, with magnificently stunning effects!