Two Boxes of Pretty Pale Pink Rose Petals


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Natural rose petals which have been preserved with a glycerine based solution. The preservation process stabilises the colour and leaves the petals looking, and feeling, as fresh as the day they were plucked from the rose - unlike a fresh petal, however, they won't wilt fade or die.

These rose petals will last for around 3-4 months if not longer. They will look beautiful when sprinkled on your top table and guest tables at your wedding reception. They would also look romantic sprinkled on the pillow - it would be a lovely set up for a surprise engagement!

Equally, these rose petals would serve as a lovely table scatter when decorating for birthdays, pretty hen parties or Mother's Day! In fact - these petals are ideal for outdoor garden parties or in the marquee. They're very pretty and could be used to sprinkle over the bride and groom in the church yard as they are biodegradeable!